CryptoParty Adelaide, Australia

CryptoParty Adelaide

June 27th, 11am - 6pm

What happens?

Bring a laptop, smartphone or tablet and join us for Adelaide’s second CryptoParty. Open to all, learn about cryptography software such as Tor - The Onion Router, PGP - Pretty Good Privacy, Public Key Cryptography, VPNs - Virtual Private Networks and OTR - Off The Record messaging, as well as other helpful applications and tips.

The party will be opened by a friendly group of cypherpunks who’ll explain what cryptography is, and how it’ll help you protect your privacy on-line and avoid data retention. They’ll be followed by three special guest speakers, and an install festival where we’ll help you install and use the crypto software you’ve just learned about.

We’ll then all take a collective deep breath and end with some good fun party times thanks to a chiptune performance by little-scale.

Pizza & drinks provided, but feel free to BYO.


Guest speakers


Kuba Kabacinski

Local IT entrepreneur talks about why apps like WhisperNote are important for the future of web security.

The Dark Net

Eileen Ormsby

Author of 'Silk Road', Eileen describes how to be safe and secure on the dark net.


Rusty Russell

Open Source developer talks about his move to Bitcoin, and the future of scaling fast micropayments.

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To guarantee a place at the Adelaide CryptoParty, sign up to Eventbrite and book your CryptoParty ticket. If you wish to remain pseudonymous, use a fake name when signing up. If you wish to remain completely anonymous, sign up with a fake name and throw-away e-mail address. Else if you’d prefer to avoid Eventbrite entirely, just turn up on the day and try your luck. :-)

We've reached capacity, so either join the wait list for any cancellations, or turn up and cross your fingers on the day.


Majoran Distillery, Level 2/14 Grenfel Street, Adelaide.

Contact us

Email us at cryptoadl (at) or use your favourite social network below.

18ED 66A3 4969 AF80


If you have access to a printer, it'd be great if you printed a poster and put it up in your workplace or favourite public space.

CryptoParty Adelaide Poster CryptoParty Adelaide Poster CryptoParty Adelaide Poster

Code of conduct

The following is a list of advice for CryptoParty attendees in the hopes of keeping discussion seamless, informative and on point.

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